The remuneration of Information Technology professionals: a study on the practices adopted by computer companies of the Federal District

Wesley Antonio Gonçalves, Dalila Alves Corrêa, José Antonio Monteiro Hipólito, Antonio Carlos Giuliani


The remuneration has always been considered a crucial aspect for organizations recognize and systematize the aggregation of results generated by the workers. It is also a challenge, as it turns out related to its productivity and competitiveness. Therefore, this study had as objective to analyze the compensation practices applied by IT sector companies, allocated in the Federal District, in relation to Information Technology (IT) professionals. It is a qualitative study, exploratory and descriptive, carried out among 103 companies affiliated and associated with an association and / or a union area. Data collection was performed using a standardized questionnaire and applied to key managers of these companies. The results showed that the functional compensation is the form most widely practiced by companies that have integrated research and that there is a tendency for them to come to practice strategic compensation. Research has shown, too, gaps in performance management people of these companies to leverage unconventional compensation practices, such as compensation for competence - more suitable methodology to recognize and reward the worker by value.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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