Strategies for corporate education and its relations with the different levels of organizational learning

Ticiana Moscardini, Amarolinda Zanela Klein


Corporate Education is a process of continuous professional education provided by the organization, as a system that integrates concepts like Knowledge Management, Competency Management and Organizational Learning. Organizational learning is dynamic and occurs in an individual, collective or institutional level; its analysis can be done with the “4 Is” framework (Intuition, Interpretation, Integration and Institutionalization) proposed by Crossan, Lane e White (1999). This theoretical paper aims to analyze the relationships between Corporate Education strategies of and the framework proposed by Crossan, Lane e White (1999), identifying how each strategy can promote the different levels of organizational learning, collaborating with this process. As the main research result, it was possible to develop a theoretical framework that contributes to the understanding and discussion of the complexity to develop, in fact, learning at the organizational level through different strategies of corporate education. This new framework can be used in practice by managers for planning or evaluating initiatives of Corporate Education, as well as by academia, to explain the concept of corporate education and for management training.


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