It is a responsible action or a game of market? Understanding the relation company-media for the realization of sustainable consumption

Minelle Enéas da Silva, Luis Felipe Machado Nascimento


In the context of market analysis about the relationships that can be observed between different stakeholders to meet the demands of society, it is perceived as a real possibility to observe the changes aimed at sustainable development in the search for new practices of currently unsustainable production and consumption. Thus, we assume the possibility of a new social context, with responsible actions and focused on this new perspective. Thus, the article aims to identify the relationship between Wal-Mart Brazil and local media for the realization of sustainable consumption in retail supermarkets in Recife-PE, from the brand Hiper Bompreço. With focus exploratory and qualitative approach to research conducted in the form of a case study considers sustainable consumption as a background of search, to recognition of relations between the actors selected. The discussions held and the findings are suggestive of the existence of responsible action on both actors, even as possible considering the game market, which can be evidenced from the power of influence of company and media on the individual-consumer, and other actors society.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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