Model of Interdisciplinary Dynamics of Corporate Social Responsibility: Conceptual Contributions and Theoretical Delimitation

Evelize Welzel, Mônica Maria Mendes Luna, Maria Albertina Schmitz Bonin, Cibele Barsalini Martins


The literature about the subject of business and society presents concepts related of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that are often employed as its synonyms. This occurs mainly regarding the concepts of corporate social responsiveness, business ethics and corporate citizenship, although these differ in terms of content, approaches and levels that are deployed in companies. From this theoretical gap, it was possible to present the main contributions of various fields of knowledge in the evolution of the concept of CSR, from addition, to propose a theoretical model that represents the interdisciplinarity between key concepts and, finally, to discuss its theoretical delimitation, especially in relation to the concept of corporate citizenship. In this sense, the present study consists in a bibliographic research of theoretical nature. As a result, it developed a theoretical model of the CSR's interdisciplinary dynamics, projecting its goals at the level of business and societal sphere. Finally, a comparative conceptual framework was constructed, upon which compares the scope and delimitation of the scope of CSR face to the concept of corporate citizenship and, subsequently, in relation to the main key concepts of 'Business and Society' area.


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