Benchmarking of quality and sustainability of scientific production in Administration

Claudia Viviane Viegas, Angela Cristina Corrêa, Christianne Coelho de Souza Reinisch Coelho, Samara Rech, Vitor Francisco Schuch Júnior, Paulo Maurício Selig


The aim of this article is to develop a framework that would support the classification of the production of articles in Business Administration and from which can be offered a quality benchmarking and sustainability of academic research in this area. Punctually, aims to contribute to the qualification of work to be submitted to national Qualis A or B of Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES). Part is a literature review on the state of research directors under the publications in seven national periodicals area, unranked as A or B. It is then made a compilation of the criteria available to the reviewers authors of these journals and three other international Area administration to assess the production they submitted. The literature review resulted in the selection of 51 articles that link the main problems of research in this area. We conclude that the periodic evaluation criteria coincide with those mentioned in selected articles but do not allow exploring evaluation aspects underlying the blind practices and peer review. Continuous improvement of products is internationally recommended. The result is a frame of reference to assist in building a submission benchmarking system well qualified by periodic evaluation system of CAPES/Brazil.


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