Knowledge creation under organizational learning perspective in a creative company

Anelise D'Arisbo, Tatiane Pellin Cislaghi, Ana Cristina Fachinelli, Fabiano Larentis


The creation of knowledge can be associated to the creative economy by considering the value creation from creativity, intellectual assets and knowledge. Although studies have evolved with specific characteristics in each field, on  organizational context learning can be considered as an intrinsic processes of knowledge creation process. Thus, the article aims to analyze the knowledge creation , from the organizational learning perspective in a creative company from the knowledge creation's theory, from Nonaka and Takeuchi (1997), in order to examine the relationship between knowledge creation and learning. We conducted exploratory and descriptive research associated with a case study. The results indicate prevalence of the knowledge sharing's practices in informal methods and experiences of each employee. The case analysis also reveals the social aspects of learning and situated learning in both epistemological and ontological dimension of knowledge creation.



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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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