News from March 2020.

Some standards have already been adopted, but it is important that we are aware of the entire editorial process so that we can optimize the publication time of your article. 

If your article does not meet any of these prerequisites below, the article will be automatically archived and the authors notified until all prerequisites are met.

In the last semesters, we identified a lot of “rework” by the journal due to the lack of attention on the part of some authors (incomplete submission). In other words, we want to streamline the entire editorial process.

Therefore, the following items are mandatory for submission:

 1. AUTHORS 'METADATA: please include the link to CV lattes, email, ORCID, short biography and affiliation  of "ALL" authors.

 2. Please pay attention to the “idiom” section (we accept only in English or Spanish);

 3. We will ask for the "HIGHLIGHTS" of the article (submitted as supplementary material), which are the main contributions of the article. Example:;

 4. We will now also require GRAPHICAL ABSTRACTS; A figure that represents or summarizes the article. Example:

 5. We ask for the indication of 3 reviewers, preferably foreigners.

 6. We ask that in REFERENCES avoid mentioning works in congresses and/or short communications. Preferably (not necessarily) all with DOI, that is, that it is possible to track them. Books/chapters can be cited. We suggest avoiding citations of monographs, dissertations and theses. In other words, “we wish” / we will seek to quote works only with DOI.

 7. We request that the FIGURES / MAPS / PHOTOS / SCHEMES be presented in good resolution (600 dpi) and the captions in the language of the article;

 8. We follow ABNT rules for citations;

 9. We ask that all the communication take place through the “system email” so that we (editorial team) can easily track. Regular emails are just a quick tool to answer questions. We will not consider anything sent via regular email.

10. We will pay attention to the ORIGINALITY of the works. If an idea has already been registered at a conference, or in the form of a summary, we suggest indicating this in the submission (message to the editor), so that we do not have uncomfortable situations such as self-plagiarism or lack of originality of the work.

 11. We ask the authors for a maximum period of up to 30 days for the journal to comment on the status of their article. That is, after 30 days and the magazine has not commented, please contact us, either via the system or directly to or

 12. Be sure to read the journal's submission guidelines.