The challenges of creating sustainable competitive advantage in large B2B multidivisional corporations




Strategy, Sustainable Competitive Advantage, B2B, Multi-divisional, Horizontal Strategy


It addresses the challenges that large multi-divisional B2B corporations face each day to take advantage of their corporate strategy and ensure sustainable competitive advantages. The synergies and interrelations that would give them such a position are not always simple to be achieved or even perceived by customers. The chosen approach was focused on B2B companies, because processes and communication tend to be more truncated, as they are usually more technical in the way of doing business. This can make the challenges of interrelation and synergy even greater.


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Author Biographies

Isis Cassia Vannucci de Oliveira Koelle, FIA Business School



Cristiane de Paula Bueno, FIA Business School


Daniel Estima de Carvalho, FIA Business School


Leandro Fraga Guimaraes, FIA Business School



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Koelle, I. C. V. de O., Bueno, C. de P., Carvalho, D. E. de, & Guimaraes, L. F. (2020). The challenges of creating sustainable competitive advantage in large B2B multidivisional corporations. Revista De Administração Da UFSM, 12, 1188–1197.