Sustainable urban development: an analysis of international scientific production

Carlos Rafael Röhrig da Costa, Roberto Schoproni Bichueti, Francies Diego Motke, Kamila Frizzo, Estela dos Anjos Pires, Gabriela Dubou


Population concentration in urban centers has been a hallmark of the world development process. In this sense, the challenges of sustainable development are increasingly concentrated in cities. Thus, considering the relevance of city planning for a more sustainable development, especially for living in an increasingly urban society, this study aims to identify the main characteristics of the international scientific production related to this theme in the last ten years. For that, a bibliometric study was developed through the Web of Science database, relating the terms "sustainable development" and "urban". It should be noted that when analyzing the citations of related publications, it is observed that this combination of topics is considered a hot topic, while it has a high impact index and can be considered as an exclusive topic, with a scope in several areas of knowledge or unique characteristics. We analyze the most relevant studies in this area, by means of an appreciation of the ten studies most cited throughout this period. It was verified, through this work, that this theme is approached in several areas of knowledge, evidencing its importance and multidisciplinarity.


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