Country of origin effect and consumer behavior: the women’s perceptions about cosmetics

Andrea Fanton, Fernanda Lazzari, Gabriel Sperandio Milan, Luciene Eberle


This study analyses the country of origin effect related to trust, affect, loyalty, hedonic value and utilitarian value on the consumers perception about cosmetics. For this matter, an experimental research was done, in which the same sample of moisturizer cream were distributed for three different groups who experienced, rated the product and after completed a questionnaire. The only difference in the application of the experiment was in reference to the country of origin of the moisturizer cream. The results demonstrated hat the group who received the moisturizer cream thinking it was produced inFrancehad higher averages in relation to all the analyzed constructs, compared to the control group. Conversely, compared to the control group, the group that experienced the moisturizer cream thinking it was produced inChinahad lower averages in relation to the analyzed constructs, except the construct that measures the utilitarian value of the product.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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