Contributions of innovation eco-environmental management of productive activities in a project construction

Adriana Salete Dantas de Farias, Henderson Ramon Dantas Medeiros, Gesinaldo Ataíde Cândido


Environmental management business through its tools, aims at efficient use of natural resources in different production systems. One such tool is the adoption of eco-innovations, that generate environmental benefits, economic and social. In this context, the aim of this study was to identify and classify eco-innovations adopted in project construction and, the factors that led to the incorporation of these innovations in the production stages and the final product. In methodology terms, this research is characterized as descriptive, developed in the form of a case study on a project in the city of Campina Grande - PB. The results indicate that the use of eco-innovations in that enterprise occurred predominantly in the stage of final product in technological innovations to reduce consumption of electricity and water reuse. Already the determinants of adoption of eco-innovations identified aimed at meeting the demands of the market, prioritizing strategic benefits for the company managing the project.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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