Selecting people through genetic algorithms

Rodrigo Martins de Freitas Alves, Felipe Neves Rocha da Silva, Diego Pereira Mota, Dayse Mysmar, Sueli Martins de Freitas Alves


This work has as object the process of recruitment and selection, considering the effort to find professionals for the respondent job, helping people management in their decision making. This study aimed to use the concepts of genetic algorithms and clustering through the development of codes to propose the use of artificial intelligence in recruitment and selection of people. The use of algorithms and clustering proved to be a possible tool to be used in people selection process because with its use was possible to visualize three (3) candidates clusters to the desired profile: unfit, promising and able. Since the fit would be the best candidates for the job offered, since they have the best profile and knowledge.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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