Sport and leisure policies: the development of an assessment instrument

Brunna Carvalho Almeida, Sílvio Luiz de Paula


This study aimed to develop an assessment tool for policieson sport and leisure Recife/PE. To achieve this goal as a theoretical framework based on the characteristics pointed out by Silva (2001) discuss theoretical issues related to the type and nature of public policy evaluation as shown by Belloni, Magellan and Sousa (2007), its dimensions as indicated Arretche (2009) and indicators as suggested Draibe (2001). To achieve this purpose was carried out action research with managers responsible for formulating and implementing policy in Recife / PE, as a collection technique were carried out focus group meetings from a pre-matrix, previously prepared from documentary research and literature. The results pointed to an evaluation process, since it focuses on the political and administrative dimensions of the politics of sport and leisure. However, the instrumentation, while guiding an assessment also presents elements for the formulation of new policies for the sector who wishes to work in the design of sport and leisure as a social right.


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