Corporate Governance (CG) in Higher Education Institutions: a Systematic Mapping of the National Scientific Production

Degson Ferreira, Tara Keshar Baidya, Marta Corrêa Dalbem


The aim of this paper was to identify and discuss the profile of national scientific production and the evolution of the theme Corporate Governance (GC) in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the articles published in the SPELL, in the Google Scholar and in the national magazines with Qualis A2 to B5, in the period 2005-2013, as well as delineate and characterize the main themes and methodological approaches that predominate in this production. For this, we carried out a bibliometric study with 51 articles, using a quantitative approach. The results show that the descriptive research, qualitative and case studies are prevalent in articles and those with two or three authors occur more frequently. They also show that the two most prolific authors published 4 articles each one and that the area showed an increase from 2005 to 2009, but became erratic in 2010-2013 in the number of articles published and is characterized to be based on emerging and diverse themes as perception of stakeholders, corporate social responsibility (CSR), ownership structure and control structure, CG in HEIs family, disclosure and accountability, CG versus performance and IT governance.


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