Journal History

In 2010, it was created Implantation Commission of Portal Periodicals of the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) with the aim of developing a pattern for the presentations of electronic periodicals published by UFSM, establishing managing policies by the Central Library.

Until 2010, the periodicals were attached to the departments of the Learning Centers or Post-Graduation Programs. Intuitionally difficult in attending the individual demands, editors, the Post-Graduation Programs and the Central Library united to formalize the institutionalization of the Electronic Periodical Portal of UFSM.

In 2011, it was made the” Modular Workshop on Web of capacitation of the the OJS/SEER platform for training the editing of scientific periodicals” with activities about the functionalities of the system, delivered by the librarian Suely de Brito Clemente Soares. The people who participated in the workshop were librarians, editors, editors-in-chief e scholarship students. The workshop was promoted by UFSM Human Resources.

In this year, it was initiated the process along with the CrossRef International Agency to obtain the institutional Digital Object Identifier (DOI). To so such, we counted on the collaboration with the Electronic Periodical Portal Coordination, the librarian Cláudia Oliveira de Moura Bueno so that we could obtain the necessary documentation. Regarding the training of submission and support material procedures, we counted with the support from the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

In the same year, the students from the first class of the Editorial Production Course from UFSM were invited to analyze the structure of the portal, in order to make it simpler. The participation of the students brought a reformulation to the portal mission e subsidies to the strategic planning.

In 2012, the upgrade of SEER version, the publication policies and the inclusion of the DOI in all the portal papers  were the main objectives of this journal. On April 4th, it was updated the SEER version to OJS; on September 3rd, it was published the Portal Regulations and on October 4th, with the receiving of the prefix emitted by the CrossRef Agency, it was attributed the first DOI of the institution to the Education Journal

In 2013, the Editorial Committee approved the ingress of three more periodical on the portal: Ciência e Natura, Rádio-Leituras e InterAção. UFSM was integrated to the Cariniana Network of Digital Preservation, from Ibict, being the periodical portal the first product to be preserved.