Sustainability in automotive industry: competitive advantage or a distant dream?

Almir Carvalho, Flavio Hourneaux Junior


The introduction of sustainability aspects in business has been a part of the current scenario in any industry. For automotive sector this is no different; on the contrary, discussions can be even more intense because it is a sector of great importance, regarding economic, social and environmental impacts. This study aims to identify how sustainability issues can influence Brazilian customers’ decision related to automotive industry, through a sample of consumers located in the city of São Paulo, the largest one in the country. The empirical research is of survey type and gathered a sample of 184 consumers, who answered a questionnaire sent electronically. The outcomes point out to the little significant scores in terms of the influence of sustainability aspects in the perception of consumers – rather than of economic factors –, which may compromise possible strategies for sustainability that could be implemented by automotive companies.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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