Strategic remuneration and benefits package: a case study applied at the operational level of a multinational

Renata Gheno, Jaqueline Berlitz


Keeping good professionals has been one of the main objectives of companies, especially those who add value and dedicate their time and efforts to achieve the company goals. In order to retain these professionals, companies have looked for new remunerations, besides the traditional one, known as strategic remuneration, along with a wide fringe of other benefits. In this way, the present study aims to identify the satisfaction level of its operational employees concerning the types of strategic remuneration and the package of benefits adopt by a multinational company in the metropolitan area of  Porto Alegre. The methodology presented in this monograph was based on a case study in the company mentioned before, which prefers not be identified. The
information was raised through some descriptive research of qualitative nature, through a semi-structured interview with an employee from the human resources area who clarified the key point for the study development and for the quantitative research. This research was applied through a questionnaire with operational employees and aims to identify if they know the strategic remuneration programs and the package of benefits offered by the company and also identify if they are used to participating in some of them.


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