The practice of the mentoring young engineers - an exploratory study

Italo Fernando Minello, Marcos Aurélio Ferreira, Reinaldo Yonamine, Isabel Bohrer Scherer


The article presents the differences of some practices, such as mentoring, counseling and coaching, known as Developemental Relationship Programs, focused on mentoring and specificities. Based on results of a pilot phase with engineers recently graduated and others in the last year at Escola Politecnica USP. This research introduces the implementation process of the mentoring practice, reinforcing aspects of this process. The goal was to investigate the possibility in adopting classical assumptions on career orientation and counseling of those engineers, with support of senior professionals acting at diverse companies and enterprises. As a research method it was chosen the exploratory type, with data collected through two surveys, one driven to last year students and another to the recently graduated engineers. Based upon results analyses observed the need to, in spite of the experience of the mentors, a previous preparation of participants. The discussions, are in general, centered in the transition from university to work market; mentees' feedback need and sky rocket career; engineers have modeling skills, rational abstraction, but not even able to context reading, among other. Related to characteristics higher considered by mentees regarding mentors are interest in advise, knowledge and professional experience; regarding career choice are satisfaction and vocation. The topics to be developed
in following phases are career trajectory options, decision make process and motivation. Based on the conclusions, recommendations were made, granting sequence of the project.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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