Analysis of the role of USP agency for innovation in generation of intellectual property and patent deposits of University of São Paulo

Antonio Lobosco, Marcela Barbosa de Moraes, Emerson Antonio Maccari


The concurrency intensification among the companies that act at the market, both at national and international sphere, has been intensified lately as consequence of commercial and economic liberalization occurred at the nineties years. Companies' technologic innovation has been understood as the essential factor for the maintenance of their activities and for the increase and development of their countries. In this context, the patents, mainly the academic ones, have acquired notoriety at the establishment of public policies in an environment characterized by these innovations. Knowing these patents importance, this article searched to deepen the theoretical discussions in terms of the investigation of USP Agency of Innovation role over the creation of intellectual property and over the patents deposits of Universidade de São Paulo. With this purpose, it has been adopted as methodology a formulation of the kind of descripted exploratory research, through a detailed interview with the general director of USP Agency of Innovation. The data obtained during this interview were analyzed by means of qualitative technics of contents analysis, what has enable a detailed description of the USP Agency of Innovation at the intellectual property generation and at the patents deposits effected by Universidade de São Paulo in the Brazilian context after its establishment.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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