Revista Ecologia e Nutrição Florestal - ENFLO: Announcements <p>The conception of the online scientific journal Ecologia e Nutrição Florestal/<em>Ecology and Forest Nutrition</em> started in the Laboratory of Forest Ecology of the Federal University of Santa Maria. It publishes scientific articles, systematic literature reviews and technical notes, in Portuguese, Engilsh and Spanish languages, an on ecology and forest nutrition, with emphasis on the studies of biomass inventories, forest species nutrition, nutrient and carbon cycling, ecology of natural and implanted ecosystems, among other topics.</p> <p><strong>eISSN 2316-980X | Qualis/CAPES (2017-2020) = B4</strong></p> en-US Publish in Enflo Revista Ecologia e Nutrição Florestal - ENFLO 2022-05-02 Enflo on a new system version <p>The Enflo is an institutional journal that integrates the Portal de Periódicos of the UFSM and is already operating with the new version. This change will provide a more pleasant experience for all available profiles.</p> <p><br />We inform that we are implementing new features in the system. If you see something that could be improved or corrected, get in touch with us, and contribute so that we can collectively improve the journal's website.</p> <p><br />We appreciate your understanding for the time the system was down and for your interest in publishing in the journal. We look forward to your work’s submission!</p> Revista Ecologia e Nutrição Florestal - ENFLO 2021-12-20 New Editor-in-Chief Professor Márcio Viera is a Forest Engineer with a Masters in Forest Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), a sandwich doctorate in Forest Engineering from UFSM and University of Freiburg - Germany and post-doctorate in the area of Sustainable Forest Management from the University of Santiago de Compostela - Spain. He is currently Adjunct Professor IV at UFSM. He has experience in the area of Forest and Environmental Resources, with an emphasis on: Forest Resources Management; Agroforestry Systems and Forest Nutrition and Fertilization (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>) Revista Ecologia e Nutrição Florestal - ENFLO 2021-06-18 2019 News! Revista Ecologia e Nutrição Florestal - ENFLO 2019-01-24 Top five articles accessed in Enflo (2013-2015) <p>1º Soil fertility and nutrients in litter on a Semideciduous Seasonal Forest fragment. Authors: Tiago de Oliveira Godinho, Marcos Vinicius Winckler Caldeira, José Henrique Tertulino Rocha, Jônio Pizzol Caliman, Márcio Viera<br /><span class="_5mfr"> Revista Ecologia e Nutrição Florestal - ENFLO 2018-12-13