Ciência e Natura: Announcements <p style="text-align: justify;">The <strong>Ciência e Natura</strong> Journal was created in 1979 to meet the needs of researchers from the different areas of the Exact and Natural Sciences Center (CCNE), to publish their work, to disclose them and to maintain interchange with other publications.</p> en-US Ciência e Natura on a new system version <p>The Ciência e Natura is an institutional journal that integrates the Portal de Periódicos of the UFSM and is already operating with the new version. This change will provide a more pleasant experience for all available profiles.</p> <p><br />We inform that we are implementing new features in the system. If you see something that could be improved or corrected, get in touch with us, and contribute so that we can collectively improve the journal's website.</p> <p><br />We appreciate your understanding for the time the system was down and for your interest in publishing in the journal. We look forward to your work’s submission!</p> Ciência e Natura 2021-12-19 Highlights: Knowledge about tuberculosis in individuals deprived of liberty of a regional penitentiary in the Zona da Mata Mineira - Brazil. <p><strong>Highlights:</strong></p><ul><li>The study analyzed the knowledge of people deprived of their liberty about the transmission, prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.</li><li>Approximately 40% of the detainees reported not having knowledge about the disease.</li><li>Lack of knowledge about tuberculosis was associated with less education, lower income, closed regime, being the first prison, not having contact with tuberculosis, not showing symptoms related to the disease and not having an HIV test.</li></ul> Ciência e Natura 2021-07-14 Highlights: Antimicrobial activity of dermocosmetic formulations based on Piptadenia gonoacantha <div>HIGHLIGHTS</div><ul><li>The extract of <em>Piptadenia gonoacantha</em> presents in its chemical constitution phenolic compounds such as rutin, quercetin and 6-hydroxycoumarin.</li><li>The formulations with <em>P. gonoacantha</em> extract also showed antibacterial activity similar to the extract and substantial equivalence to controls.</li><li>The fact that the active input is withdrawn from nature, of a large tree, widely distributed in the Atlantic forest, of easy proliferation, reduces the costs of the final formulation.</li></ul> Ciência e Natura 2021-07-08 Highlights: VOL 42 (2020): 40 YEARS - ANNIVERSARY EDITION <p>- A geração de energia elétrica total do Ceará para 2050 foi estimada em 94.775 GWh.</p><p>- São considerados três cenários: um conservador, um de transição e um 100% renovável.</p><p>- O Ceará tem sido pioneiro no uso de plantas FV, tanto isoladas como conectadas à rede elétrica.</p> Ciência e Natura 2021-07-01 Highlights: V. 42 (2020): CIÊNCIA E NATURA: EDIÇÃO COMEMORATIVA – 40 ANOS <p>- It can be seen that the drying time decreases with the increase of the air temperature and with the reduction of the initial moisture content, as expected.</p><p>- Among the mathematical models applied to the experimental data of humidity and time ratio, the most representative was the Midilli’s, having the best adjustment in the different temperatures and thicknesses of the garlic.</p><p>- The samples submitted to drying at 70 °C, with thicknesses of 2 and 3 mm respectively, were dark and this is a negative factor in the final quality of the product</p> Ciência e Natura 2021-06-24 Highlights: V. 43, Special Edition, UFV The paper presents an unprecedented study of evaluation of preservatives’ phytotoxicity used in the treatment of bamboo and usually discarded on soil. Three preservatives were evaluated, one of them unpublished, using a simple, low-cost and effective analysis technique. All preservatives were shown to be very phytotoxic even at high dilutions in relation to the concentrations usually used in bamboo, compromising both germination and root development. Thus, the disposal without treatment in the soil will cause risks to the vegetation. Ciência e Natura 2021-06-17 Highlights: V. 43, Special Edition, UFV <p>1. There was an increase in the motivation for change of the participants after a ketamine single administration.</p><p>2. There was a reduction on GSI of psychiatric symptoms in the moments before and after ketamine administration. <br />3. Ketamine was proven to be an effective medication for the treatment of Stimulant Use Disorders, specifically cocaine and its byproducts.</p> Ciência e Natura 2021-06-11