Estudo do ciclo diário da Camada Limite Planetária durante a estação chuvosa da Amazônia (GOAmazon 2014/15)

Rayonil Gomes Carneiro, Alice Henkes, Gilberto Fisch, Camilla Kassar Borges


In the present study, the evolution the diurnal cycle of planetary boundary layer in the wet season at Amazon region during a period of intense observations carried out in the GOAmazon Project 2014/2015 (Green Ocean Amazon).The analysis includes radiosonde and remote sensing data. In general case, the results of the daily cycle in the wet season indicate a Nocturnal boundary layer with a small oscillation in its depth and with a tardy erosion. The convective boundary layer did not present great depth, responding to the low values of sensible heat of the wet season. A comparison between the different techniques(in situ observations and remote sensing)  for estimating the planetary boundary layer is also presented.


Nocturnal erosion; Turbulent fluxes; Remote sensing 3


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